What some of Jeanette Kangas' former students have to say:

Jimmy Sullivan, The Rev
Drum Magazine November 2007

"She was very influential in me being a musician in general. She's always pumped me up and never failed to point out to me that she thought I had a lot of potential as a drummer."

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Tim Bender
Death by Stereo

"Under her direction my understanding of technique, reading and the overall language of ALL types of music improved ten fold."

Current News

Jeanette Kangas will be performing with Ensemble Off n On Sunday September 21.

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Jeanette Kangas Instructor

"The language of drumming crosses all boundaries of style and genre. If a drummer understands this language completely, they can play any style that they wish. My approach to teaching is to teach the student the language of drumming, giving them the tools that they need to play whatever and however they wish."

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Special Lessons for Children

San Diego Drumset and Percussion lessons is now offering drum lessons in San Diego for children ages 4 through 8. These lessons are taught by Sandi Wilson who specializes in teaching children. Lessons can either be private, where the child and parent meet with Sandi weekly or in a class setting which would be two or more children or the entire family. Please see Lessons for Children. Lessons and or classes for children are available in North Park, El Cajon or mobile.

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